Sun-Times: To Heck With Clinton, Obama 'Our First Woman President'

We can all painfully recall when back in 1998 New Yorker columnist Toni Morrison obsequiously called Bill Clinton our "first black president," can't we? I suppose it isn't surprising that Morrison is now supporting Barack Obama since she is all about race, of course. It should be noted Obama is a tad blacker than Bill Clinton so the race mongers of the left are finally streaming to him after a slow start. Yes, the racemongers are a block sewn up by the Obama campaign at last. But this leaves the identity politics folks with a problem. What of the purported but fading "first woman president," Hillary Clinton? Well, the Chicago Sun-Times is here to help us out with that, pulling a Morrison by calling Barack Obama "our first woman president."

Sadly, columnist Carol Marin, a reporter with a reputation in Chicago of being a real reporter (in other words, one that reports, not one that emotes), unleashed the latest of the many absurdly adulatory honorariums bestowed upon Barack Obama by the pliant and sycophantic media. Sadly, Marin's reputation may take a hit for this foolishness of calling Obama "our first woman president."

If Bill Clinton was once considered America's first black president, Obama may one day be viewed as our first woman president. While Clinton, the warrior, battles on, talks about toughness, and out loud considers nuking Iran, it is Obama who is full of feminine virtues.

(Bold my emphasis)

Good god will the hero worship and hyperbole never cease from the left side of the aisle? They claim we are too much about Reagan, yet we celebrate all of Reagan, not the least of which is his actual philosophy and policies.

But for the left, policy and philosophy really doesn't seem to ever make it into their slobbering hagiography. They loved the "cool" and handsome JFK. They groveled at the feet of their pseudo religious Carter. They felt themselves go weak in the knees at the sight of their sax playing, philanderer-in-chief. And now, they have found their messiah in Barack Obama -- giant killer, change artist, race settler, and now woman all rolled into one. Sadly, they don't seem to recall the actual policies of any of these people, nor their philosophies (only one of whom, JFK, even came close to having one other than just winning elections). And this latest false idol has even less of a resume compared to their past idols traditionally light on long lists of successful legislative and leadership careers. This guy has fewer qualifications than Jimmy Carter, which takes some doing. At least Jimmy had some executive experience. On the other hand, Obama doesn't even have much of a history of getting mere legislation passed.

Marin's piece also, but probably not to her own realization, highlighted how liberals feel about their fellow Americans: they don't trust them.

But for the moment, she remains an unabashed Clinton supporter. One who doesn't love Bill but is impressed by Chelsea. One who disagrees with Hillary on some things including education policy. And someone who doesn't trust the voters in this country much.

"They voted for Bush twice, didn't they?" she asks.

Yes, and we can say the same for the idiots that voted for a president that was such a liar that he was impeached over it. HE was voted in twice, too. But, you see, liberals hate their fellow Americans so much that they just don't imagine that you or I are smart enough to vote well.

Yes, it is unfortunate that Marin is ruining her reputation as a hard-nosed reporter for the junk she published today. Would it be a surprise that she is auditioning to be the next Helen Thomas -- cynical, jaded, and unhinged? I, for one, wouldn't be too surprised if that were to be the case.

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