MSNBC Finds Penguins at North Pole... But Penguins Don't LIVE at North Pole

**Video added below the fold**

**UPDATE: Penguins Edited Out of Report!**

A 15-year-old British girl named Camilla Hempleman-Adams is being hailed as a "hero" for trekking across the ice floes of the North Pole to become one of the youngest women to explore the frozen world of the penguin... well, at least as far as MSNBC is concerned. In their report on the feat of endurance, MSNBC had a shot (about a minute into the video) of penguins on an ice floe. Only one little problem: penguins don't live at the North Pole. Oopsie.

So, the question remains; if these people can't even get a simple fact like that correct, how can we believe them that global warming is destroying the world? If they don't even know where the penguin lives, how can we believe their "science" that states the world is doomed with global warming?

Miss Hempleman-Adams' goal was to see the supposedly disappearing frozen wilderness before it's gone the way of the buffalo. So, she and her affluent, famous explorer father trekked across the ice to see the effects of global warming. "I want people to understand that we mustn't let it be destroyed," she said, "I haven't thought about breaking a record, it's much more about climate change for me."

Well, it's all heartwarming and all, but "hero"? What she did took guts, it was bold and it was not an easy task to accomplish. But, "hero"? I am always seriously annoyed when the word hero is so casually used. Sports people are NOT heroes. Explorers are not heroes. This girl is not a hero. We do not have to elevate her to hero status to celebrate her feat.

Anyway, the silly thing is that MSNBC had to embellish the story of this girl by adding fake footage of penguins even though penguins do not live at the North Pole.

Well, I hope Miss Hempleman-Adams wasn't too annoyed by the mosquitoes and jungle snakes after she was accosted by those North Pole penguins!

**UPDATE 5PM, 5/6/08**

News flash.... MSNBC edited out the scenes with the penguins in it in their report! Ed Morrissey over at Hot-Air has the story. As Cap'n Ed says, "Something got exposed in this broadcast -- scientific illiteracy at MS-NBC."

**UPDATE 8:00 PM, 5/6/08**

Someone did capture the original, so if you want to see it with the penguins uncut go to:

Media Bias Debate Global Warming Journalistic Issues Video

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