CNN Photo Caption Under Tony Blair Video: 'Bush Resigns'

Looks like the folks at the much maligned CNN indulged in a little bit of wishful thinking on Friday during a report of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's resignation announcement.

In a video caption of Blair, CNN plastered the words "Bush Resigns" across the screen.

Media Bistro got the first capture of this absurdly Freudian slip.

"CNN International's CNN Today program, airing at midnight Eastern, led with the graphic 'Bush Resigns.' Of course, they meant 'Blair Resigns.' Freudian slip on the part of a network accused of anti-Americanism?"
Yep, our pals at the ClintonNewsNetwork definitely suffer from a bit o' the parapraxis, indeed.

It's anyone's guess as to whether this was just plain stupidity or a deeply held wish on the part of the CNN graphics department. Next they'll go back to Xing out the faces of their most hated politicians again!

Ah, the world of unbiased "journalism" rears it's mugly head once again!

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