AOL Once Again Jumps on the Anti-Bush Bandwagon

Not to be outdone by their liberal brethren in the printed press and TV mediums, AOL has once again loaded the web site's home page with another "We hate Bush, too!" headline, followed by those ever-present yet predictable AOL poll questions.

Centering around the recent political upheaval of the impending sale (6.8 billion dollars) and takeover of the operation of 6 American ports by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai Ports World specifically, today's AOL Home page hopefully asks : "Is His Power Fading Away?" placed alongside a head-drooping and cryptic silhouette of what can only be President Bush. The sentence below then reads: “Bush Faces More Challenges," whereupon clicking on it brings one to a battery of poll questions in a section that AOL calls "The Daily Pulse"

Besides the typical poll questions that are usually decidedly against Bush as to the results, today's AOL anti-Bushism goes a step further.

One sure way to have media accolades fall to you if you are a Republican is to talk against the Bush administration. Usually, that means a cameo by the media candidate for president, John McCain. Instead, AOL found only GOP elected House and Senate members to talk trash against Bush, though Democrats are falling over themselves these days to sound hawkish over the exploding story of the United Arab Emirates takeover of operations at six American ports.

''It's unbelievably tone deaf politically at this point in our history" -Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator, South Carolina-

"[The deal raises] serious questions regarding the safety and security of our homeland."
Senate majority leader Bill Frist, Republican, Tennessee-

But AOL makes sure to include anything negative that any GOP figure has said against the Bush administration- no matter what the issue.

Whether its regarding Iraq - "I don't see... how things are getting better. I think things are getting worse. I think they're getting worse in Iraq. I think they're getting worse in Iran." (Sen. Chuck Hagel on 2/16/06)

Or regarding the legality over the president's use of the NSA spy program - "You cannot have domestic search-and-seizure without a warrant." (Sen. Arlen Specter on 2/16/06)

AOL has time and again proven to be anything but even-handed in it criticisms regarding Republicans and Democrats. But what could one really expect from this rather big cog in agenda-driven liberal machine? However, its constant smash-mouth polling and Bush administration demagoguery is--if you are on the web as much as I am--legendary.

Chalk it up to just another attempt by AOL to win hearts and minds by partisan deceit and demagoguery.

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