Pirro is welcomed into the 2006 Senate race, NY Times style

Jeanine Pirro, the attorney from Westchester County, announced that she is running in next year's Senate race against Senator Hillary Clinton. The New York Times heralded the news with the first of many, if history is a guide, hit pieces against Pirro.

Pirro's husband, Albert Pirro Jr, served time in prison for tax fraud. The Times editorial breathtakingly lectures candidate Pirro that she "should be grateful to Mrs. Clinton for demonstrating that a woman with a controversial husband can still run, win and serve in the Senate in her own right - even if an ex-felon is not exactly the same as an ex-president."

Not a word from the Times that former President William Clinton was convicted for "misleading testimony" in 2001 from Independent Counsel Robert Ray, forcing Clinton to surrender his law license for 5 years, and pay a $25,000 fine. It is common knowledge that what Clinton did was commit perjury before a Grand Jury. It is also common Knowledge that "In April 1999, U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright found Clinton in civil contempt of court for his "willful failure" to obey her repeated orders to testify truthfully in the Jones case, and fined him $90,000."

Yet, the Times saw fit to only talk of Jeanine Pirro's husband, and not Hillary Clinton's convicted perjurer of a husband, who just happened to be a former president. It's clear that Ms. Pirro is set for the fight of her political life against not just Hillary Clinton, but the editorial and newsrooms of the New York Times.

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