Mother Jones Pundit: When It Comes to Honesty, Hillary ‘Is Mother Teresa Compared to Donald Trump’

November 7th, 2016 5:58 PM

Conservatives are unwilling to let Hillary be Hillary where transparency is concerned, and “it drives them crazy,” believes Kevin Drum of Mother Jones. In a post last Wednesday, Drum argued that whenever the right has “forced…openness on Clinton in an effort to destroy her,” it’s “done nothing except paint a portrait of a pretty normal politician,” a failure that’s left those conservatives with “bizarre levels” of “Clinton Derangement Syndrome.”

“Over 25 years,” wrote Drum, “they've managed to uncover only three ‘scandals’ that are even marginally troubling [cattle futures, Travelgate, and the e-mails] and every dry well does nothing but convince them that Clinton is even more devious than they thought. By this time, we've tracked practically every hour of every day of Clinton's life for the past decade, and there's almost literally no unexamined time left. But it doesn't matter. The next one will get her for sure!”

In Drum’s view, the real Hillary

dislikes the press and has learned to be very careful in her public utterances. She has done a few dumb things in her life, and pushed the envelope further than she should a couple of times. If you dislike her, that's fine. But basically she's a fairly ordinary politico -- ironically, an unusually honest one. When she makes a deal, her word is good. When she talks about policy, she's careful not to overpromise. On the honesty front, she is Mother Teresa compared to Donald Trump.