Elizabeth, NJ Mayor, Obamacare Truther, Thinks GOP Might Be Jamming Access to HealthCare.gov and Phone Lines

As HealthCare.gov's disaster has dragged on and grown in scope, it was entirely predictable that doctrinaire leftists in the fever swamps would begin concocting reasons why its epic failure thus far has been the fault of obstructionist conservatives and Republicans.

What perhaps was less expected, but based on history should not have been, is that supposedly responsible Democrats in elected positions have also joined the ranks of "Obamacare Truthers" by promulgating outlandish theories and engaging in intense blame-shifting, both with extraordinary gusto. Perhaps the worst — or, given its absurdity, the most entertaining — is the one tweeted and quietly deleted (HT Twitchy) by Chris Bollwage, the mayor of Elizabeth, New Jersey (population 126,000):


Back in the real world, at a House committee hearing today, an official for one of HealthCare.gov's vendors testified that it only took 2,000 users to bring the site to a screeching halt during pre-rollout testing. I'm assuming all of those testers were either Democrats or vendor employees.

Those 2,000 users represent 0.286 percent of the 7 million sign-ups the statist health care operation reportedly needs to have a chance at financial survival.

Bollwage's paranoia is extraordinary, but the guess here is that we'll see worse examples in the coming weeks.

A Republican or conservative engaging in such nuttiness would get headlines within minutes of expressing it, but I expect that the plethora of "mainstream" Democratic Party pols joining the conspiracy chorus (Howard Dean is now among them) will be ignored by the establishment press.

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