'2016: Obama's America' Now No. 2 Ever in Political Documentary Genre

Including BoxOfficeMojo.com's weekend estimates, "2016: Obama's America," which grossed over $3.2 million during that time, has now reached Number 2 on the all-time list in the Political Documentary category, a genre which apparently didn't arise until the early 1980s.

The only movie with a higher gross than "2016's" $26.1 million is the unreachable (and virtually unwatchable) "Fahrenheit 9/11," at $119 million. All other left-oriented movies are now eating Dinesh D'Souza's dust, including the following:

- "Sicko" -- $24.5 million
- "An Inconvenient Truth" -- $24.1 million
- "Bowling for Columbine" -- $21.6 million
- "Capitalism: A Love Story" -- $14.4 million

It won't be long until "2016" hits Number 2 even after adjusting for inflation.

It's hard to tell how much more time "2016" will stay in theaters, but its box office achievements thus far have been impressive.

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