AP's Snow Wants You to Know: Cuban Communism Is 'Unshaken'

February 25th, 2008 11:10 PM

In a report yesterday from Cuba, Anita Snow of the Associated Press, with the help of the headline writers at ABC, seemed intent on telling any Yanqui imperialists or hard-liners in Miami's Little Havana who might have any ideas of doing something rash during the transition of power from Fidel Castro to his brother Raul to forget about trying anything (HT Rush Limbaugh; story #4 at link; link will be available until next Monday):


Later in the article, Snow enumerated some of the island's Communist wonders that will also apparently remain "unshaken," or virtually so (bolds are mine):

Raul Castro indicated at least one change is being contemplated: the revaluation of the Cuban peso, the national currency most people use to pay for government services such as utilities, public transportation and the small amount charged for their monthly food ration.


Cubans complain that government salaries averaging a little more than $19 a month do not cover basic necessities something Raul Castro acknowledged in a major speech last year. But he said any change would have to be gradual to "prevent traumatic and incongruent effects."

..... a 51-year-old man hefting a wide metal tray of homemade guava and coconut pies through the streets near Havana's train station said "this country, it's like jail."

"They close the doors and say 'The president is Peter or the president is Paul' and everyone responds 'Good, it's Peter or Paul.' There's no openness," said the man named Isidro, who like many Cubans declined to give his last name to a foreign journalist when criticizing the government.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to "shake up" something as marvelous as Fidel's, and now Raul's, Workers' Paradise. It's so wonderful that anyone who complains about it fears for his or her safety.

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