Byron Donalds Explains to Blinkered NBC Host How Biden Weaponized DOJ Against Trump

June 17th, 2024 6:42 AM

On Sunday's Meet the Press, fill-in host Peter Alexander lectured Rep. Byron Donalds that there is "no evidence" President Biden had "anything to do" with the Manhattan DA  Alvin Bragg cooking up 34 felony counts against Donald Trump. The name "Matthew Colangelo" -- the man who was Biden's #3 Justice Department official who joined Bragg's team -- rarely surfaces as "evidence" to NBC.

Donalds calmly and methodically explained to NBC's Biden reporter/repeater how the Justice Department has been weaponized to interfere in the 2024 election with belated prosecutions that could have happened years ago. But first, there was the Bragg probe, and Donalds asserted that was election interference, which is why he and Speaker Mike Johnson and others believe the Supreme Court should "step in." 

PETER ALEXANDER: And to be clear, Joe Biden, there is no evidence that he had anything to do with this case. The Manhattan DA, as you know, began this investigation in 2018, before Joe Biden was even his party's nominee. I want to ask you about specifically what we've been hearing from Republicans and from Donald Trump claiming the Democrats are illegally weaponizing the Justice Department against Mr. Trump. Why is it appropriate for Donald Trump, then, to call for prosecuting his political opponents, including President Biden?

DONALDS: Well, let me also explain this one. Now, what he did say was, is that we have always had this kind of gentleman's agreement that you do not go after the political leaders of the – of the oppositional party. When Donald Trump was president, he didn't – he didn’t have his attorney generals go after Hillary Clinton when she did violate the Espionage Act. He did not give that order. They did not go and prosecute Hillary Clinton. But now you have a situation where main justice has weaponized the Justice Department to go after Donald Trump. You have Jack Smith, who's chasing down Donald Trump on – on violating the Espionage Act, but at the same time, Robert Hur knows that President Biden has violated the Espionage Act. Robert Hur is not prosecuting Joe Biden....Jack Smith is trying to prosecute Donald Trump.

Donalds called that "two-tiered justice." So Alexander robotically moved on to the next Biden/DNC talking point: 

ALEXANDER: The Biden Justice Department obviously is also prosecuting Democrats. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Henry Cuellar of Texas right now. They just prosecuted Hunter Biden as well. So is it only weaponization when it is Republicans that are being prosecuted?

DONALDS: That's not true, and that's not even the same thing we're talking about here. What you've got to understand is –

ALEXANDER: But they've prosecuted both Democrats and Republicans, so I think Americans would say is that equal justice?

DONALDS: – Bob Menendez. First of all, Bob Menendez has gold bars with his name engraved on them from a foreign country. So that's what Bob Menendez's situation is. Henry Cuellar's situation just got into investigation. But it is without a doubt that these legal cases were all brought in the middle of a presidential election for one purpose, and that is to criminalize Donald Trump. That is to polarize Donald Trump. That is to persecute Donald Trump. That's the only reason why you even bring these cases in the timeframe that they're being brought.

Alexander repeated: "And again, there's been a series of cases against Democrats as well."

He rounded out the White House publicist packet by telling Donalds an FBI agent on the Hunter Biden probe received an explicit voicemail from a Trump backer that said in part, "You can ride but you can't hide” and “we'll hunt you down and slaughter you like the traitorous dogs you are." He asked Donalds to repudiate that violent threat, and Donalds did.