Major Newspaper Headlines on Hunter Biden's Testimony? Hunter's Megaphone!

February 29th, 2024 12:46 PM

How can we know just how the major newspapers have a pro-Biden bias? When they present Hunter Biden as the hero and moral authority of his own testimony in the Biden impeachment probe.

First, they submerge the story, and then the framing is in contempt of the factual record. Hunter can say he's never involved Joe in his business -- when it should be obvious to a fifth-grader that this is a lie -- but they run with it anyway. 

The New York Post offered the anti-Biden framing of Hunter's evasive, sometimes laughable testimony yesterday, under the online headline for their cover story. 

Hunter Biden testified he was ‘high or drunk’ while writing ‘sitting here with my father’ $5M China shakedown text — but still got the money

Their lede by Steven Nelson and Josh Christenson stands out from the others: 

First son Hunter Biden claimed in congressional testimony Wednesday that he was “high or drunk” when he wrote to a Chinese associate in 2017 that he was “sitting here with my father”  — shortly before the transfer of $5.1 million into Biden family-linked accounts.

A readout of the 54-year-old first son’s closed-door impeachment inquiry deposition was provided to numerous news outlets Wednesday evening citing Hunter’s claim that President Biden had nothing to do with the shakedown of Chinese state-linked CEFC China Energy.

The Washington Post published it on bottom half of the front page under the absurd headline:

Hunter Biden says he never involved father in business

In testimony, president's son assails GOP-led impeachment inquiry

Matt Viser and Jacqueline Alemany began: 

Hunter Biden, delivering his long-awaited deposition before a GOP-led congressional impeachment inquiry, testified Wednesday that he never involved his father in any of his business decisions, and he accused House Republicans of having “built your entire partisan house of cards on lies.”

No Republican quotes were on page one, but the two Democrat typists added this false statement: "House Republicans have not been able to uncover firm evidence that Joe Biden benefited from -- or played a role in -- the  business pursuits of his family members...."

The New York Times put the story on the bottom of A-15 under the headline:

Hunter Biden Condemns Inquiry Fueled by 'Lies'

Slams G.O.P. in Closed-Door Deposition

Democrat typist Luke Broadwater devoted the entire first ten paragraphs to Team Hunter's arguments against the Republicans. 

Hunter Biden, the president’s son, sharply rebuked House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry during a closed-door deposition on Wednesday, condemning their investigation as a “partisan political pursuit” that was based on a “false premise” and fueled by “lies.”

The Wall Street Journal doesn't read like a Murdoch tabloid, it's much more like the lib papers:

President's Son Rails Against GOP Probe

Hunter Biden strikes a defiant tone as House Republicans make little progress

Republicans never make progress -- if you let liberal reporters grade their efforts. Naturally, these papers all put the Trump immunity-claim news at the top of the front page.

Our USA Today comes in the mail, so we don't have it yet, but we can tell from the Internet that it's nowhere on their front page. Ditto for the Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times.