NewsBusters Podcast: Team Biden’s Cheat Sheets Spur Worry on Biden’s Brain

February 23rd, 2024 10:28 PM

The liberal website is quickly rising to the top of the Biden hate list. They’ve published a string of what Democrat insiders call “bedwetting” stories about Biden’s mental failings.

The latest was headlined Biden's cheat sheets at fundraisers worry donors.

Hans Nichols noted that other presidents have relied on notes or a Teleprompter for public events.  But "President Biden has been using notecards in closed-door fundraisers, calling on pre-screened donors and then consulting his notes to provide detailed answers, according to people familiar with the routine." Only two or three questions are allowed.

The problem with note cards and pre-screened donors? "The staged Q&A sessions have left some donors wondering whether Biden can withstand the rigors of a presidential campaign, let alone potential debates with former President Trump, 77."

Nichols added Biden has some of his most notable unscripted moments at late-night events with donors. On Wednesday, during a three-day West Coast swing, he called Russian president Vladimir Putin "a crazy SOB." In June, he referred to Chinese President Xi Jinping as a "dictator" at a California fundraiser.

After the president's opening comments at fundraisers, reporters are ushered out of the venue before the donors ask their pre-screen questions. Precautions are taken after other precautions. Why would anyone worry Biden's not up to it? 

Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review summed up the current dilemma: “There is an element of Scooby-Dooism to the Democrats’ erroneous conviction that, if they just insist vehemently enough that Joe Biden is not, in fact, clearly too old to be president of these United States, they will be able to persuade the public that it is true. ‘We would have got away with it,’ Biden’s apologists seem to be muttering aloud, ‘if it hadn’t been for that pesky Robert Hur!’” 

We also discuss the networks being allergic to talking about Biden's brother James and his "integral" role in Biden family (and name-exploiting business).

Plus The Washington Post tries to smear Nikki Haley by claiming her private high school in Orangeburg, South Carolina was called a "segregation academy"... in 1986.

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.