Mark Levin RIPS 'Vile Hit Piece' by Media Matters on His Israel & Hamas Comments on Radio, Fox

December 26th, 2023 2:19 PM

Talk-radio star and Fox News host Mark Levin ripped the leftist group Media Matters for America on Christmas Day for a "vile hit piece" using "cherry-picked quotes and clips" about Israel and Hamas since the slaughter of October 7. 

This was the headline on the attack piece: 

Mark Levin's hateful defenses of civilian casualties, calls for war crimes, and xenophobic attacks on Palestinians

Brendan Karet, who served as an intern for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), reported that his team "compiled a selection of the worst of Levin’s vicious, dehumanizing hate speech on this topic below."

The Left in this country have launched all kinds of "vicious, dehumanizing hate speech" on Israel and Jews in this time period, but Media Matters is on a mission to crush dissent on Fox News and conservative talk-radio, and they don't care about accuracy. Aggression is everything.

Here's Levin's Twitter posting:

Conservatives would read these summaries -- especially the media critiques -- and endorse the argument. 

-- Levin called American media “sympathetic to the enemy,” noting that “over and over and over again we get the [Hamas] line about civilian casualties.” [October 12] 

-- Levin raged against a BBC anchor who corrected a report that had inaccurately described pro-Palestinian protests in Britain as pro-Hamas. [October 18]

-- Levin: The media “might say Hamas doesn't represent all the Palestinians. They may say that, but they honestly don't believe it completely.” [November 18]

This objection to attacking journalists is a weird flex since Media Matters just handed the "Legacy Media" their "Misinformer of the Year" Award for being waayyy too soft on "nakedly authoritarian" Trump. (As Biden would say, "it's no joke!"

The leftists especially disliked Levin asking how Jews could be Democrats at this point and attacking CNN anchors as "self-hating Jews" (as The Washington Post protested earlier). They also hated Levin saying America wasn't Islamophobic, in the sense that Muslims don't have to worry about Americans wanting to kill them, unlike thousands of Muslims killed by other Muslims in Syria or Yemen.