Chris Hayes Touts Biden's 'Booming Economy,' Slimes Trump's Record

December 17th, 2023 7:46 PM

Real Clear Politics co-founder Tom Bevan took to Twitter to express amazement at the first segment of All In with Chris Hayes on Thursday night:

Left-wing cable TV Host/Administration lackey standing in front of a graphic of Dark Brandon signs with the caption "The Greatest Economy" complains of "constant propaganda" by the previous president on the economy. You just can't make this s--t up.

MSNBC already gave Jen Psaki one of Chris's five weeknights, so maybe he's trying to save his spot at 8 pm by suggesting he can do a better job than Team Biden in gushing over how well "Dark Brandon" is performing. 

The host showed a clip of Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto and a guest sounding "so psyched" at the Biden economy. Hayes said, “remember the reason the stock market went up yesterday's because the actual economy looks like it's doing so well.”

Hayes complained Biden's messaging machine just isn't working as well as MSNBC would: 

The Biden White House didn't ignore all this good news. But they didn't take that much of a victory lap either. I mean, they sent out a few tweets, highlighting the decrease in gas prices and inflation, which are important and good. During the daily briefing, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre touted the president’s work to quote, grow our economy from the middle out. They sent out Jared Bernstein, chair of the council of economic advisers out to do the rounds on TV. All of that is good. They should, right?

Just take a second right now to consider what the alternate reality would be like in this moment, after this turbulence under a Donald Trump presidency. My strong belief is that part of the reason that people's perception, the economy was good in the Trump era, that Trump would be good at managing the economy, is that he constantly, unceasingly sledgehammered us over the head with propaganda about it day after day after day.

Then he showed a clip package of Trump boasting, and then made a big point of how Trump was still bragging about the economy as the Covid pandemic and lockdown but a huge crimp in the economy.  He was still pushing that "economic propaganda" during a "mass-death event." MSNBC did not note about 400,000 died from Covid under Trump -- and then another 713,000-plus have died under Biden.

But what about Trump's first three years, hmm? Those are the years where "people's perception" resides. And Trump may have boasted, but the anti-Trump networks buried the good news.

In our book Unmasked, Brent Bozell and I noted reports on the stock market in a chapter titled "Good News Is No News":

Thirty-one Dow records were set between January 1, 2017 and January 26, 2018. Those records included hitting 21,000, then 22,000, then 23,000, then 24,000, then 25,000, and finally 26,000. Overall in 2017, the Dow Jones average rose more than 25 percent. So the networks routinely ignored it. 

Ah, but they found it newsworthy when the market went down! on May 7, 2017, NBC's Lester Holt open the show warning, "Market plunge! Jitters on Wall Street! Is the so-called Trump Bump over?" He brought on MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle to say that the good economy and Trump's agenda were kaput. 

This is why it's funny that Chris Hayes would complain about sledgehammered with unceasing propaganda. Like MSNBC didn't do that in an opposing direction. Like all of their constant yammering about Trump's non-existent collusion with the Russians to get elected. 

Hayes concluded that Biden had to deal with "crisis from Day One," while Trump was allowed "to coast" for three years. Is that what the media allowed him to do from 2017 to 2019? They all just laid down for him and let him "coast"?