Maddow Smears SCOTUS with Nazis: All Pro-Lifers Are 'Anti-Democratic, Pro-Authoritarian'

December 12th, 2023 10:43 PM

The Left is typically opposed to freedom, except on the gravest social issues, like abortion. The freedom to kill a baby is sacrosanct. On Monday night, Rachel Maddow unloaded another pro-abortion rant, flagrantly comparing German and Italian fascists to Supreme Court justices like Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett.

The news item inspiring this was the electoral defeat of the conservative Law and Justice Party in Poland, who have been intolerably anti-abortion in MSNBC's eyes. 

MADDOW; Anti-democratic, pro-authoritarian movements the world over and throughout history always stomp on reproductive rights! In some cases they mandate forced abortions like in China. More often, like with the law and justice party in Poland, it's an abortion ban. Right? And in either case, you get the point, reproductive freedom cannot be tolerated. Heaven forbid a woman decides on her own whether or not she wants to have a baby.

Maddow is referring to Heaven, without the notion that perhaps God opposes abortion. If so, He is anti-democratic and pro-authoritarian.

MADDOW: It's a government decision to force you to give birth or not regardless of what you want or what's good for you. It is an authoritarian project everywhere there is authoritarian governments.

In Vichy France, when France was occupied by the Nazis and controlled by the collaborationist Vichy regime. Vichy authorities in France took the time – you’d think they might have something else to worry about --  they took the time in July 1943 to guillotine a woman, to execute a woman by guillotine in 1943, for the crime of performing abortions. Abortion was not just illegal, it was punishable by the death penalty when France was occupied by the Nazis. That law was only dropped when France was liberated by the allies.

Germany itself only last year repealed a Nazi-era law that banned German doctors from providing information about abortions. They finally got rid of that last year.

In fascist Italy, abortion had already been against the law before he came to power, but when Mussolini became the fascist dictator of Italy, he aggressively criminalized it. He made any woman who got an abortion subject to five years at hard labor. Heaven forbid that a woman be free to decide on her own terms if she wants to have a baby.

Then, in a somehow natural turn from German Nazis and Italian fascists, Maddow turned to Trump’s America:

In the Trump presidency, Republicans finally succeeded in their machinations to stack the U.S. Supreme Court with hardline anti-abortion conservatives, and then they were able to get through the policy they most wanted. They overturned Roe v. Wade, and that allowed Republican-controlled states all over the country to ban abortion.

Then, she lamented, pro-life states are taking it further. Missouri wants women seeking abortions to be charged with homicide, and murder charges could lead to capital punishment. She claimed "In Ohio, a young woman is newly facing criminal charges for having had a miscarriage at home." (The dead child was left in the toilet.)

She introduced a new segment on the pro-abortion side's latest empathetic anecdote, Texas mother Kate Cox, who was prevented from having a late-term abortion of a "non-viable fetus" that Maddow said could "potentially save her life." Cox left the state to get her abortion, after serving as a plaintiff for the abortion advocates at the Center for Reproductive Rights. Maddow said Cox's case "has played out over these last few days as a Republican fantasy of how they would most like to wield reallyreallyreallyreally big government."

They're libertarians on one issue.