NewsBusters Podcast: Stephanopoulos Toes Party Line on Election Denial in Grilling Scalise

November 6th, 2023 10:32 PM

The networks really can't handle emerging polls showing Donald Trump is beating Joe Biden in swing states. One standout segment from Sunday was ABC This Week host George Stephanopoulos just pressing and pressing Rep. Steve Scalise demanding he say the 2020 election wasn't stolen. And he wouldn't accept "Biden's the president" as a satisfactory answer.

I'd say "did you try asking Hillary this question?"

Don't be shocked: this show didn't demand these answers from Democrats who engaged in election denial. Just weeks ago, House Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries wasn't asked about his energetic denial that Trump won in 2016. January 6 Committee stars Bennie Thompson and Jamie Raskin are both election deniers, but they didn't get questions about that. In 2020, Stephanopoulos didn't press Stacey Abrams on her loss in Georgia. He only asked if Fulton County would be ready for the fall election.

After the midterm elections in 2022, Stephanopoulos did show Rep. Jeffries a clip of Sen. Mitch McConnell calling out Jeffries, that he "basically said that the 2016 election was, quote, illegitimate. And suggested that we had a, quote, fake president." Jeffries could only claim Republicans used "shamelessness as a superpower." But the double standard on election denial, by media and Democrats alike, is shameless. 

MRC senior research analyst and video editor Bill D'Agostino joins the show to discuss this "event" as well as hilarious claims about Bidenomics being misunderstood, White House reporter Brian Karem's bizarre piece trashing conservative Christians at, and the leak of the Nashville mass shooter's manifesto, which suggested she wanted to gun down little kids for their "white privilege." (She was white.)

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.