WashPost Hates Cancel Culture When It's Applied to Leftist Anti-Semites

October 14th, 2023 11:14 PM

The Washington Post has suddenly become concerned about cancel culture...when it comes around for people who blame the vicious murders of innocent people in Israel...on Israel. Timothy Bella began with the sob story of New York University law student Ryna Workman, who sounded like she lost her mind: 

Israel bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life,” Workman wrote. “This regime of state-sanctioned violence created the conditions that made resistance necessary. I will not condemn Palestinian resistance.”

But the post came with a consequence: Workman no longer has a job after law school.

“These comments profoundly conflict with Winston & Strawn’s values as a firm,” the Chicago-based law firm wrote in a news release. “Accordingly, the Firm has rescinded the law student’s offer of employment.”

The Israel-Gaza war is still in its first week, but some people in the United States and around the world have lost their jobs, or have faced discipline or backlash, for their criticism of Israel. The backlash has been directed toward people of different backgrounds, from a law student and an airline pilot to a basketball writer and an adult-content influencer.

That includes Harvard, "where student groups are taking back their signatures in a letter that holds Israel “entirely responsible” for the violence. The fallout has resulted this week in a doxing truck coming to campus that displays the faces of the students critical of Israel." You can blame "Israel's 9/11" on Israel, and no one should rudely identify you as a repugnant jerk.

Bella seemingly sympathized with the story of a fired Air Canada pilot and Hitler fanboy: 

StopAntiSemitism, a U.S.-based group, shared Instagram screenshots of Mostafa Ezzo wearing Palestinian colors while he was in his Air Canada pilot uniform. He was also seen holding a sign that made reference to Hitler: “Keep the world clean.”

Since when did Hitler fans draw sympathy from liberal newspapers? When they're Palestinians.

Just Mindy at Twitchy noted Jarvis Best found four Washington Post pundits dismissing cancel culture as a crock since Biden took over. 

It includes columnist Philip Bump defining cancel culture as a sexist-racist thing, "a concept predicated on categorizing particular views as verboten, and those views are often ones that overlap with a sense that Whites and men are imperiled."

It doesn't include the classic 2019 Post article arguing critics of cancel culture just hate democracy. When it was about canceling the troglodytes it was righteous. But once woke progressives get a taste of their own tactics, suddenly it's terrible. 

Just last month, two Washington Post writers were trying to cancel a pizza festival being run by Dave Portnoy. How quickly the world turns!