NewsBusters Podcast: Was CNN CEO Chris Licht Doomed from the Start?

June 7th, 2023 10:14 PM

CNN CEO Chris Licht is out. But was he ever really in? Or did his predecessor Jeff Zucker still rule the radical roost? Licht was savaged for a "non-existent vision" of restoring some balance and fairness. The Zucker camp deeply admired themselves and their ranty editorializing, confusing it with "truth" and "facts."

Managing Editor Curtis Houck joins the show as we discuss the short-lived Licht Era, which is overstating what happened over the last 13 months. It's more about what didn't happen: CNN never demonstrated a centrist shift toward "both sides" journalism, which the Left truly despises. As Stephen "Redsteeze" Miller tweeted, "Chris Licht didn't drain the Zucker swamp."

Curtis looked at several written pieces that underlined what happened -- first, the massive 15,000-word piece by Tim Alberta for The Atlantic, which the reporters at Puck News painted as a disaster, and then a New York Times piece by Benjamin Mullin that underlined how current CNN employees used Zucker as a "grievance switchboard."  

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