Journos on PBS: GOP Hasn't 'Landed a Punch' on Biden Scandals (Hunter Wasn't Mentioned)

April 23rd, 2023 8:15 AM

Friday’s PBS NewsHour pundits discussed Biden preparing to announce a re-election bid without mentioning this week’s big Hunter Biden scoops, and the same thing happened on the PBS journalist roundtable Washington Week. In the show’s last minute, they discussed House GOP investigations – but not Hunter’s name. Reporter Heather Caygle of Punchbowl News (one of those Politico offshoots) said “Have they landed a punch so far? I don’t think so.”

LISA DESJARDINS, Host: Republicans, we know what they’ve been trying to do. They have been trying to knock down Biden through their investigations. Have they landed punches yet? How do we see that going?

HEATHER CAYGLE:  You know, that's a good question. I think, you talk to a lot of Republicans on the House side and they’ve launched a barrage of investigations. They tweeted something this week, they’ve sent hundreds of letters just in the first three or four months of having the majority. But have they really landed a punch so far? I don't think so.

I think part of it is they’re still very early, part of it is the administration is not really cooperating with them, and part of it is so disparate right now. There's not really a common narrative of here’s corruption here or here’s this. So as it goes on, we could see something, but right now it's just a lot of spaghetti being thrown at the wall.

You always have to roll your eyes about how the media-Democrat complex says "gosh, there's not really a common narrative of corruption," which says they're not interested at all in creating that narrative. They're fighting that narrative, mostly by pretending scandals don't exist outside that crazy-pants conservative media. Their failure to even mention Hunter's name this week demonstrates their complete lack of interest. 

If you try to watch this show, what you get is a lot of repeating "the White House is very excited about this," and "the White House feels very good about that" -- like all they're sitting down to do is repeat the happy talk Democrats gave them during the week.

In this week's show, it was a delay in the Mifepristone abortion-pill case at the Supreme Court. Nandita Bose of Reuters claimed “This is a huge win for the administration, for the White House. I was just talking to a senior White House official who said they are celebrating." That's for a delay.

In the closing segment on Biden's re-election NBC reporter Scott Wong touted how leftist Rep. Pramila Jayapal said at the last Democrat retreat that Biden is the "most progressive president we've seen in our lifetimes." 

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