NPR Laughably Claims 'Limited Scientific Evidence' That Men Beat Women at Sports

March 26th, 2023 7:43 AM

One obvious current demonstration of the media's red-hot refusal to acknowledge reality and science is "transgender rights." In fact, the media are engaged in a red-hot refusal to provide half of a debate to reality. Taxpayer-backed National Public Radio is staunchly one-sided against two genders, as it showed in this hot tweet on Friday claiming the scientific evidence is "limited" that men perform stronger than women in sports.

So the actual story that's linked -- by weekend reporter Juliana Kim -- was forced to include the view of the World Athletics Council, which took a stand with reality, but still feels compelled to study the issue (or study the political fallout from the angry people who love leftist media like NPR).

At the center of the issue is whether transgender women athletes have a physical advantage over other female competitors, even after lowering their testosterone levels. But there is limited scientific research involving elite transgender athletes — which the council also acknowledged.

World Athletics Council said that they have conducted their own research over the past decade and that they found there can be an impact in performance. Several international groups including the Human Rights Watch have called the council's evidence flawed.

Even without strong evidence of an advantage, the council has scrutinized the performance of athletes such as South African runner Caster Semenya, the world's fastest woman in the 800 meters. Semenya, who was raised female and is legally female, was born with XY chromosomes and has a naturally high testosterone level.

So NPR's acknowledging the Semenya case, which provides strong evidence, even as NPR says there's not strong evidence. It concluded with more political throat-clearing:

The ban is part of a growing resistance against transgender women and girls in female sports


International track and field is not the only sport to be moving away from trans inclusion.

Last year the world governing body for swimming, FINA, prohibited transgender women from participating in female swimming competitions. In 2020, World Rugby also ruled that transgender women could not play rugby internationally out of "safety and fairness" concerns for non-transgender women.

Meanwhile in the U.S., 19 states have so far banned transgender athletes from playing on girls or women's sports teams. In statehouses across the country this year, there are dozens of more new and proposed laws that further curb transgender rights.

It must have killed those journalists at NPR to acknowledge that governing bodies of anything are not toeing the transgender line of misinformation as they do. Conservative Twitter was energized.

UPDATE: NPR actually tweeted a correction! 


NPR is funded in part by about half of American taxpayers who NPR hates....because they're against "inclusion." As if NPR includes conservatives.