PBS Chat Show Rolls Out Red Carpet for Pelosi's Bitter Daughter to Trash Fox, Social Media

December 15th, 2022 11:12 PM

Can you tell the difference between PBS and DNC-TV? On the PBS chat show Amanpour & Co. on Wednesday, host Christiane Amanpour interviewed filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, promoting her HBO documentary Pelosi in the House. Amanpour connected the attack on Paul Pelosi to Fox News and conservatives on social media:

I mean, it's just so awful. And all of us who have covered your mother's career and watched from afar know of the relentless, you know, attacks on her character that finally led to this point. And it is chilling to hear that they were shouting in your home, where is Nancy, when we heard them in your documentary and, you know, that day when all the footage came out. Where is Nancy? They were hunting her down.

Pelosi uncorked her bitterness against Fox News and social media:

PELOSI:  I understand if you don't agree with her politics and half the country doesn't. And that's fine. And I understand that if you watch Fox News, you hate Nancy Pelosi, because if I watch Fox News, I would hate Nancy Pelosi, too.

I don't know how it goes from hating her and hating her politics too, I'm going to go break into her home and attack her husband or break into the Capitol and literally poop all over the place. And that, to me, is the effect of social media. How social media has destroyed the fabric of our society. And how I feel we have to ask -- she's so -- she loves to talk about defending democracy, but I have to ask, I mean, is it even a democracy if such insane conspiracy theories can be spread?

But more notable was Amanpour gushing over how Pelosi is “very, very effective,” like the female LBJ, as if LBJ accomplished so much in passing his “Great Society” spending.

AMANPOUR: Yes, which is a really sad thing to do because actually, as you say, like her politics or not like her politics, the legislating has been very, very effective and perhaps, you know, more effective than perhaps any man -- I don't know, since Lyndon Johnson. I'm not sure. But anyway, she's clearly very, very effective..

Amanpour was not objective at all…but the best (and obvious) question is how Pelosi can’t be expected to make an objective film about her mother:

AMANPOUR: I was going to ask you, look, you are a daughter. You know, you're not a warts-and-all critical analyst of your own mother. You are a daughter and you love your mother. What would you say to people who say, oh my gosh, you know, this is really -- you know, it's like a -- it's family movie, but it's also her view, the Nancy Pelosi family view of her politics?

PELOSI: You nailed it. That's it. I'm not pretending to be objective. I'm her daughter. I got to be in the room when it happened. And I filmed everything. And I thought it was a public service. It's like a civics lesson. You heard in that clip, you do not take a vote to the floor if you don't have the votes. Well, I've seen Mitch McConnell take a lot of bills to the floor that he did not have the votes for. I think a lot of people, especially the next generation that are coming in, they should all watch this film so that they can learn how a bill becomes a law. This is like Schoolhouse Rock for the next generation. But I'm not pretending that this is some sort of, like, objective journalist presentation. I am her daughter.

This Fox-faulting episode of Amanpour & Co. was paid for in part by the the Anderson Family Fund and the Leila & Mickey Straus Family Charitable Trust.