Meghan McCain Rebukes 'The View' for Insulting White Women as 'Roaches' and 'Karens'

November 8th, 2022 1:24 PM

In her Daily Mail column for Election Day, Meghan McCain responded directly to her old friend (and co-host of The View) Sunny Hostin, who characterized white women voting for Republicans to “roaches voting for Raid” – voting for their own demise. 

McCain wrote that soccer moms used to be a prized constituency: "back then, they weren't dismissed as borderline racists or rabid partisans." They voted on what they thought was best for their families. But when white women didn't lift Hillary Clinton to victory in 2016, the became The Enemy. 

A New York Times Magazine article last year made it very clear. If you're a white woman you're probably a 'Karen.'

'Widen the lens and any white woman — every white woman — could be a Karen, if she's perceived as taking for granted the advantages bestowed by her skin color and ignoring the labor and suffering of others,' it read.

Then fast-forward to the current day: 

In recent days and weeks, as polling shows a remarkable swing of suburban white women toward the Republican party, we've heard women described as 'roaches' and 'Nazis' for valuing their best judgement over the orders of Democrats and the liberal media.

It's the revenge of the 'Karens' -- and can you really blame them?

Liberals should not be surprised that insulting a voter is not the best closing message.

Liberal women think that every woman should vote on "women's issues," and liberal issues. McCain rebutted: 

Today, if you care about the economy, rising crime and your children's education, as opposed to the January 6th riot, climate change and transgenderism - you are vilified. Simply because we are born with female anatomy does not mean we don't care about the economy, education, foreign policy, and the wellbeing of our country

Want to feel secure in your home? That's just the privilege talking. And that's not just offensive. It's wildly removed from anything resembling the real world.

I have close friends who have experienced a huge negative shift in their lifestyles since President Biden took office. Despite the fact that they and their husbands work, the cruel realities of how much less you can buy at the grocery store and the gas station in 2022 as opposed to 2020 has hit them very hard.

These women are not stupid. They're not okay condemning their gender to some dystopian hellscape from The Handmaid's Tale.

They are scared and desperate. They are desperate for things to change. And in many instances, they feel like the Democrats simply aren't listening to them.

This column dramatically underlines what's missing from The View when they can't handle anyone offering them a serious dissent. 

A huge percentage of 'Soccer mom/Karens' will be pulling the lever for the GOP.

Shaming women for all the evils in society, and now for caring about their families, is the most toxic and destructive political strategy in modern history.

We are not soccer moms.

We are not Karens.

We are women -- and today, hear us roar.