Washington Post Laughably Claims 'Democrats Look to Centrists' on the Campaign Trail

November 7th, 2022 6:18 PM

The Washington Post published a transparently untrue headline on its front page Monday: 

Democrats look to centrists in final hours while GOP amps up its base

Who are these “centrists”? Check this out from the front page story by Annie Linskey, Cara McGoogan, and Colby Itkowitz. While Republicans are throwing the red meat to their base....

At the same time, many Democrats are scrambling to highlight more moderate themes, overlooking the far left of their party and bringing in surrogates who appeal to middle-of-the-road voters, including former president Bill Clinton, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.).

On Sunday in Pennsylvania — one of the most pivotal Senate contests in the country — Democrats tacked so hard to the center that they held an event with a former Republican congressman.

That, as they explain many paragraphs later, is Jim Greenwood, who left Congress in 2004. He's chairman of "Republicans4Shapiro," and called liberal Democrat Josh Shapiro “a sane, commonsense, well-thought-of public servant.”

Did Buttigieg and Klobuchar sound like “centrists” when they ran for president? Klobuchar has a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of five percent. Calling Bill Clinton a “centrist” seems stuck in 1992. Later in the story, the Posties added Barack Obama to the list of “moderates” who “won’t alienate swing voters.”

None of these Democrats is anything like a centrist today -- not on abortion, or LGBTQ, or systemic racism, or the super-spending that led to inflation. 

The story also mentions that Bernie Sanders was stumping for Wisconsin Senate candidate Mandela Barnes, and that’s not a “centrist” pick. But the most stunning passage was the Post letting Al Sharpton – yes, Al Sharpton -- speak against racial divisiveness and anti-Semitism:

Some of the divisive GOP rhetoric is worrying Democrats and civil rights leaders who are increasingly anxious about tensions surrounding Tuesday’s elections. Critics say they are especially concerned given a rise in overt political violence, from the Jan. 6 attack to the violent assault on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“They are blatantly — in many areas blatantly — appealing to people’s racial bias to get them to vote on ‘us against them,’ ” the Rev. Al Sharpton said in an interview with The Washington Post. [Insert LOLs here.] Sharpton said he had just spoken with Biden, who he said recorded a message raising concerns about racism and antisemitism for his radio show.

“It used to be subtle,” Sharpton said of stoking racial division. “They wouldn’t be explicit. It was implicit. Now they’ve gone where caution is thrown to the wind. It is explicit.”

Speaking of divisive "us vs. them" rhetoric, the networks loved Barack Obama insisting the Democrats cornered the market on everything, meaning Republicans were basically stupid, illogical tyrants: