NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Who's Messing with God on Good Friday?

April 15th, 2022 10:19 PM

The New York Times posted an op-ed on killing God on Good Friday, while NBC displayed a woman in a shirt reading "THANK GOD FOR ABORTION." This doesn't feel like a day of respect for the Christians or the Jews.

The networks don't really cover religion news, and they don't find it newsworthy to cover concepts like Lent (none of the networks have mentioned Lent during Lent). Searching for the name of "Jesus Christ" is almost as futile. It's been used as a profane expression of amazement or frustration.

But PBS did advocate for parental rights in the schools...for Muslim parents. On Holy Thursday, the NewsHour highlighted how advocates in Louisiana are demanding accommodations for Muslim students during the month-long celebration of Ramadan, where there is no food or water most of the day.

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