Hunter Biden's Laptop Gets a Brief NBC Mention -- as Comedy Fodder on 'Saturday Night Live'

March 14th, 2022 8:12 AM

Hunter Biden's Ukrainian business adventures are rarely mentioned, so it's weird when they pop up on comedy shows -- as a sign of ultraconservative wackiness.

On this weekend's Saturday Night Live, the show opened with a skit about the Biden White House seeking out young content providers on TikTok to work with them on debunking Russian propaganda. 

This actually happened, as The Washington Post reported. Kudos to SNL for realizing the comedic potential. But it was a Zoom call, and not an actual White House meeting. TikTok, best known as a forum for dancing videos, is an easy target. A character who makes videos putting silly animal makeup on children was classified as "alt-Right" for talking about Hunter and Burisma: 

Hunter Biden is too busy with his alleged painting career to cause Russian invasions, but it's odd that you're more likely to find Hunter Biden mentions on NBC's comedy shows than on NBC news programs. 

The Post story by Taylor Lorenz reported "the administration began working with Gen Z For Change, a nonprofit advocacy group, to help identify top content creators on the platform to orchestrate a briefing aimed at answering questions about the conflict and the United States’ role in it."

Not all reviews were positive. “There wasn’t a lot of acknowledgement of what America should stop doing in terms of their connections to occupations, invasions, and general bad-faith actions across the world,” [Khalil] Greene said. Similarly, [Jules] Suzdaltsev told The Washington Post that “the energy of the call felt like a press briefing for kindergartners.”

We thought Kamala Harris did the briefings for kindergartners. But obviously, Team Biden also thinks of TikTok as a dancer site, eh?