LOL: Laura Ingraham Mocks Just Plain Weird 'Saturday Night Live' Impersonation of Her

January 25th, 2022 8:52 AM

At the end of Monday's edition of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News, host Laura Ingraham mocked Kate McKinnon's just plain-weird impression of her to open the latest Saturday Night Live. The Fox-skewering skit with Fake Ingraham suggesting gas was $19 a gallon was just the latest proof that SNL is just another late-night "comedy" offering made by liberals for liberals. 

It's more than a little odd for NBC to mock Fox for exaggerating how much of a disaster someone's presidency is. "Comedy on defense" isn't really working when you can't find chicken at Wal-Mart. Ingraham mocked McKinnon as not exactly a fair-and-balanced satirist: 


Ingraham offered to come on the show, a la Sarah Palin?

INGRAHAM: I can do a pretty decent Nancy Pelosi -- I like doing Kate McKinnon doing me, because she is kind of fun. She was very evenhanded in her political humor. People say she doesn't make fun of the other side. I'm sure she does. They are telling me she doesn't? She has to. OK. I'll come in. Here is my deal. I will come in to SNL, I've actually hung backstage a few times. You didn't know I was there. I will do Nancy Pelosi, the impression of Pelosi for free. I'm a member of SAG, but I'll do it for free, OK?

Liberals would protest that McKinnon does do impersonations of Hillary or Elizabeth Warren -- but those are done from a place of love, not hate. McKinnon called Hillary "literally a dreamboat" and "one of my favorite people." It's like Maya Rudolph impersonates Kamala Harris and it "feels like a superhero cape."

Laura brought on Mike Huckabee to reflect on this poor attempt at an impression. Huckabee said "Saturday Night Live could be funny, but it isn't. And in part because they just don't seem to have any sense of self- awareness that there is another side of the political aisle where the real comedy is going on right now. And that's tragic. But hey, look, you should be honored. They took you on, and you were the opening."

It was NOT intended as an honor. It was intended as venting their anger that they're losing. 

The skit was rounded out with more bad impressions -- of Candace Owens and Novak Djokovic -- but James Austin Johnson's impression of Trump is much, much better than Alec Baldwin's cartoon. 

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