Politico Editor Sam Stein on Manchin's No to Biden: 'Objectively Devastating for the Planet'

December 21st, 2021 6:46 AM

Brian Flood at Fox News on Monday reported that Politico White House Editor and MSNBC contributor Sam Stein demonstrated a stunning lack of objectivity on Sen. Joe Manchin's declaration on Sunday that he couldn't back Biden's massive socialist spending scheme, the one Biden calls "Build Back Better."

"A lot to process on the Manchin news but, from a substantive standpoint, it's just objectively devastating for the planet. The last best chance at climate change legislation is gone," Stein wrote.

"This tweet is many things but ‘objective’ is not one of them," conservative Washington Post Writers Group columnist Marc Thiessen responded

Ron DeSantis spokesperson Christina Pushaw added, "Yes, just shocking that a senator who represents WEST VIRGINIA, where so many of his constituents’ livelihoods would be absolutely wiped out by the Green New Deal, isn’t doing what MSNBC/Politico want him to do."

Leftists were demanding a "last best chance" for climate in Bill Clinton's first year. Talk about moving your goalposts of doom.

Stein doubled down: "Some conservative pushback to this, but this is objectively true, unless, I suppose, if you don't think climate change is happening or needs addressing," quote-tweeting the original message. 

On Fox News on Monday, Concha called Stein's tweet "hilarious," and added this panicky headline from Washington Post pundit Jennifer Rubin: "Manchin deals a devastating blow to Biden and to democracy." Biden and "democracy" are linked.

Stein also declared it marked a bad December for the president: