NEW NewsBusters Podcast: CNN Covered Up Being Pelted in the Head by Protesters

April 19th, 2021 8:45 PM

On CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday, CNN host Brian Stelter finally acknowledged a viral video showing protesters pelting a crew member in the head with a water bottle (followed by the man tripping and falling).

CNN reporter Miguel Marquez, who was on the scene, said he was also hit in the head by a protester's water bottle, but mysteriously suggested that “I cannot blame them for being angry,” since that would somehow disparage their left-wing pain. 

Even the chyron downplayed this violence into a "tense moment" for the CNN employees. Most of us would have stronger words for it if someone threw a bottle at our heads. 

What's amazing here is that Acosta's Army at CNN have consistently argued that conservative media criticism will cause them physical harm, but when they're actually harmed by leftists, they say they can't "blame them" for the "tense moment." They love talking about "police brutality," but does anyone use the term "protester brutality"?

CNN made much more of a fuss at Minnesota police arresting reporters, which in normal circumstances shouldn't happen. They touted a ACLU press release insisting Minnesota had a "First Amendment problem." CNN host Jim Scuitto compared Minnesota to Iran and China. None of them had a stern word for protesters throwing water bottles or full soup cans or bricks. 

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