How Stupid Are We? PolitiFact Checks Nutty Video Saying Biden's 'Not a Human Being'

March 23rd, 2021 5:00 PM

Just how stupid does PolitiFact think Americans are? Why do they “fact check” ridiculous videos few would believe about Joe Biden? Get this: 

Video “proves 100% that President Joe Biden is not a ‘human’ being.”
No, this video doesn’t prove Biden isn’t human

What's next? "Joe Biden is not made of Spam"? PolitiFact offers these bullet points if you’re short on time: 

-- President Joe Biden is a human. 
-- He wears a rosary to remember his late son, Beau Biden. A snake did not emerge from his jacket during a debate with then-President Donald Trump.

The offending video is on a "BamilyMagNation" Facebook page with 3,278 followers. (By comparison, PolitiFact's Facebook page has 836,336 followers.) Ciara O'Rourke described the offensive video, footage of a September 29, 2020 Trump-Biden debate narrated by a guy with a Jamaican patois, with profanity blended in. Check it out, it becomes a bit hilarious to think the liberals fear someone's buying this bunk: 

"THIS PROVES 100% THAT PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN IS NOT A ‘HUMAN’ BEING," a description of the video says. 

Someone narrating the clip claims that something "that looks like live little serpents" emerges from Biden’s suit jacket.

"That s--- is alive," the narrator says. "It kind of looks like he’s shaking his head a little bit."

The camera then pans to Biden and the narrator says: "That’s not a human being, people." 

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It's extremely believable that Biden is wearing a rosary of sorts on his wrist to honor his late son. It fits his whole "devout Catholic" tap dance routine.