Clooney Tells Colbert He's Been Watching America 'Go to [Bleep]' Under Trump

December 21st, 2020 7:07 AM

On Friday's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, Colbert asked guest George Clooney what he's been doing since the last time he appeared on his show five years ago. Clooney snidely replied "Watching our country go to [bleep]...that's pretty much it." 

Colbert thanked Clooney for being his very first guest on CBS, then joked Clooney's been on Jimmy Kimmel's show multiple times over the last five years. Clooney said he's in Los Angeles, while Colbert's in New York.


COLBERT: So what you have been doing the last five years? What's been going on? 

CLOONEY: Nothing. You know, nothing. Watching our country go to ( bleep ). Let's see, what else? No, that’s about it, that's pretty much it. 

COLBERT: That does grab the focus by the-- by the short hairs. 

CLOONEY: Yeah. By the short hairs is exactly-- you know, it's-- you know, when you get to the point where the leader of the free world is calling the press "The enemy of the people," you know, it starts to cause concern. I’m excited about the next four years.

Now that the alleged dictator Trump has lost the election and reporters have yet to be jailed, one would think this old left-wing saw could be retired. The press are not "the enemy of the people," but they are certainly the enemies of Trump, and the enemies of policies that Trump voters chose him to implement. Democracy has not died in darkness, and George Clooney has not suffered any loss in fame or fortune. 

Clooney was promoting a new Netflix movie, a post-apocalyptic tale called The Midnight Sky. That was the only political moment. Clooney did tell a tale about getting together with retired CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite on a 2000 TV-movie he produced, Fail Safe, and loved hearing Cronkite saying after an announcing flub, "I f---ed up, George."