RUSH Limbaugh Cites New MRC Poll on Rigged Election: 'Talk About Malpractice in Media!'

November 25th, 2020 11:34 AM

Our heartfelt thanks go to Rush Limbaugh for discussing on Tuesday's program our new MRC survey (and Rich Noyes report) revealing the media's suppression of bad news for Biden and good news for Trump. 

RUSH LIMBAUGH: You wanna talk about voter fraud, you wanna talk about malpractice in media, listen to this. A new survey from the Media Research Center – the Media Research Center is Brent Bozell’s group. They’ve been around about as long as this program has been around, I think it started about the same time.

[Point of information: Rush’s original WABC show began in July of 1988, the MRC in October 1987.] 

Brent Bozell is the nephew of William F. Buckley, Jr. You may not have known that, did you know that, Mr. Snerdley? You didn’t know, all this time, that the bearded, red-headed wonder was Buckley's nephew? Well, he is. 

They just did a survey — are you ready for this? It’s not a surprise, but it still just ticks me off. Listen to this.

“Forty-five percent of Biden voters in battleground states had never heard of the Hunter Biden scandal.” But wait. But wait. “9.4% said it would have changed their vote had they heard about it.” Well, that would have been enough to change it. That would have been enough to change the outcome. Media malpractice. Forty-five percent of Biden voters, battleground states, never heard of the Hunter Biden scandal.

Now, stop and think for a minute. Trump is talking about it all the time. He’s talking about it at his rallies. He’s talking about it in White House press conferences, in ads. There were numerous ads run. How about the guy that — Bobulinski, whatever his name was — that was the partner who went on TV and exposed everything about it. I’m having a mental block on his name. And the Drive-Bys didn’t cover that. They didn’t cover any of it!

A few minutes later, Rush elaborated on a perennial question: 

Over the course of the 30 years doing this program, I’ve had people say and ask in one form or another, when is the media gonna be fair to us? And their point of view is that until that happens, that we will never win. And I’m here to tell you, if that’s how you look at things, you better change your mind real fast. They’re never gonna be fair to us. They’re never gonna be open and fair about anything they oppose. Not just conservatism, but anything they oppose.

If you are sitting around deciding that we are never gonna win until the media is fair, then by your own definition we are never gonna win. They are always gonna be an obstacle. They are always gonna be something we have to overcome. Because they are the Democrat Party. It’s not as though they’re an adjunct. It’s not as though that they are in addition to. They are the Democrat Party. They’re as much the Democrat Party as Joe Biden is, as Kamala Harris is.