Minute After Biden Speaks, CNN Ad Creepily Echoes: Time to Unify, 'Rebuild Our Bonds'!

November 8th, 2020 7:14 AM

At 8:55 Eastern time on Saturday night, Joe Biden finished his speech proclaiming his victory and saying it was time to come together. At 8:56, the "CNN Communications" account on Twitter posted a new black-and-white advertisement on how it was time to come together. 

Our trust has been broken - in our leaders, institutions and even some of our friends. Now more than ever we need to listen, to learn from one another, and to rebuild our bonds.

This is more than a little creepy from a network (and their boss Jeff Zucker) that mocks Fox News as "state-run TV."

CNN used a female announcer that sounds a LOT like Michelle Obama -- and underscored by a piano playing Billy Joel's old song "A Matter of Trust," which is ironic since that includes the lyric "You can't go the distance / With too much resistance."

MICHELLE OBAMA or MICHELLE CLONE: Our trust has been broken -- in our leaders, in our institutions even with some of our friends, and we are hurting.

Now more than ever, we need each other -- to listen, to learn from one another, to rebuild those bonds. 

Because trust shows we believe in the good of each other. It's what makes us human.

And when we trust one another, that -- is when we can truly achieve great things. 

We don't need to tell anyone who reads NewsBusters this is one of the most shamelessly preposterous CNN promos imaginable. Has CNN spent the last four years "believing in the good of each other, because it's what makes us human"? Or have they been more like some kind of alien Klingon army railing against a "dictator" who stole the presidency?

At least this ad explains why Anderson Cooper suddenly apologized on Saturday afternoon for calling the president an "obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun." Because "now more than ever," we suddenly need to unite the country behind Biden.

CNN is not "the most trusted name in news." Once again with this promo, CNN sounds like DNC-TV.