Politico Poll: Majority Finds Hunter Biden's Burisma Gig in Ukraine Was Inappropriate

February 13th, 2020 10:46 PM

Time to go on Omission Watch.

Politico published a new poll on Thursday noting that voters were split 47-47 percent on whether it was appropriate for the Senate last week to acquit President Trump. By contrast,  52 percent of voters believe it was inappropriate for Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, to take the job with the Ukrainian oil and gas firm Burisma, while 18 percent said it was appropriate. Fifty-seven percent said it was a scandal while 19 percent said it wasn’t.

That said, 40 percent said it would make no difference in their vote, and scandal usually comes behind issues when voters make up their minds. 

No one expects this poll will get wide circulation across the TV news landscape, since no one wants to talk about what Hunter Biden did to exploit his dad's vice presidency, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Burisma when he had zero expertise in the energy sector. Even Hunter admitted to ABC's Amy Robach that his last name made the difference.

For his part, Joe Biden went on The View and just flat-out lied about the public reaction. 

“Nobody has said he’s done anything wrong,” he said, when half of the voters are saying what he did was inappropriate. Biden added “This is a guy who has done nothing but good things his whole life, my son. He ran a food program.... a whole range of things."

PolitiFact should rate that as "Pants On Fire." ABC and the other networks energetically avoid the real record. Aside from all the cashing in on Dad's name, add these facts: 

He sparked confusion when he, then 44 years old, enlisted in the Navy Reserves in 2012, less than two years before reports broke that the Reserve discharged him in 2014 after he tested positive for cocaine....

After he divorced his first wife and the mother of his three daughters, Kathleen, the Biden family acknowledged he was dating Hallie Biden, [his brother] Beau's widow.

Hunter Biden raised eyebrows with a candid New Yorker interview in which he said he spent the aftermath of his brother's death on a bender that included him buying crack from homeless people....

Then, on his father's 77th birthday, and in the middle of the impeachment hearing, a DNA test confirmed Biden fathered a baby with another woman while he was dating his brother's widow.

It's these aerobically ignored facts that quietly sink Biden in the polls, since Democrats can only anticipate with dread how Donald Trump will harp on this mess.