Megyn Kelly and Alex Wagner Reveal the Liberal Media on Bill Maher's Show

January 27th, 2020 8:29 AM

On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, Megyn Kelly and Alex Wagner combined to underline liberal media bias and how it's only metastasized under the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump. 

Wagner, who stills sounds exactly like an MSNBC opinionator at CBS News, equated democracy with removing Trump. Republicans are spineless and "shredding the basic principles" of America by acquitting. Trump must be removed from office, or our democracy has failed. Because true democracy should have elected Hillary Clinton.

BILL MAHER: This is the moment in America that Rome faced with Julius Caesar when the republic became a dictatorship. I know they are going to acquit him but the fact that we had this trial and there was no witnesses and we don't care about laws anymore or rules or what matters, when it goes from nation of laws republic to Senate that just goes along and might is right, that is that moment I know that sounds overly dramatic. 

ALEX WAGNER: It's not. It's heartbreaking. It's a farce that there are Republican senators in the audience with fidget spinners, but when you think about the gravity of the moment, this is a test of liberal democracy... Has one party become so corrupted by power that they’re shredding the basic principles of what the country stands for?

Kelly proclaimed the media is biased, leading Bill Maher to try and argue the lame liberal line that the media only favors conflict, not oh, Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi.

MEGYN KELLY: The media is completely biased. And what's happened now is -- 

MAHER: Biased politically?

KELLY: Oh yes. 100 percent.

MAHER: You worked for Fox News. I think there’s another side to the story.

KELLY: Of course, Bill. Of course. But Fox News was born and did so well because it was the only voice offering the other side of the coin! And the rest of the media was biased toward the left. 

MAHER: You know what the media is biased towards? Money. They are biased towards money and conflict because that's what sells. I was watching the Virginia rally this week, it was a gun rally, it was peaceful, and you could see how disappointed the media was that the Civil War didnt  break out. 

KELLY: Of course.

MAHER: That's what I think the media bias is more than politics. 

KELLY: No, because, look. I think there was a liberal slant in the media even before Trump got in there but he got in there -- take CNN. He came in there and said says CNN is completely biased to the left, they're lefties and completely against me. 

My take on it was in the beginning, he was wrong, CNN wasn't that way. I used to watch CNN when I was on Fox. When I was getting ready for The Kelly File, I had on CNN, and I'd watch a lot of their shows. And I like a lot of the anchors over there. But my view is CNN became the thing Trump said they were, and they weren't, and now they are. Now they're indistinguishable from MSNBC!