Dan Abrams Site Mediaite: Just as Liberal as ABC News, But Meaner

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ABC chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams also runs a website called Mediaite.com, which somehow claims it’s a trusted source “across the political spectrum,” believe it or not: “From TV green rooms to the corridors of the senate to the latest White House press briefing, Mediaite is a trusted source on the intersection of politics and media across the political spectrum.”

But anyone looking at it on Wednesday morning at 8 AM Eastern time would see a dramatically liberal billboard, touting the latest hot liberal takes. It added up to 17 liberal-pleasing headlines to four allowing a conservative take, and seven more neutral items. It's a four-to-one disparity. 

These were the “Top Stories”:

Scarborough: GOP's 'Colossally Stupid' Impeachment Strategy Has 7 out of 10 Americans Believing Trump Did Wrong

Jimmy Kimmel Lights Up 'Slick-Backed Sperm Sample' Donald Trump Jr. for Smearing Combat-Wounded Lt. Col. Vindman

Gordon Sondland Kept Mike Pompeo in the Loop on Trump Plot to Pressure Ukraine Says NY Times

Only the Sondland one is a neutral-sounding report.

Below that are the “Must See Moments,” including a repeat of “Sperm Sample Donald Trump Jr.,” and:

Volker: Allegations Against Biden 'Not Credible,' I Rejected 'Conspiracy Theory' Giuliani Pushed

Jeffrey Toobin on Vindman, Volker Impeachment Testimony: 'Today Was a Graveyard for Republican Talking Points'

CNN Legal Analyst Slams Rick Santorum for 'Insane' Impeachment Argument

That’s four for four liberal hot takes.

Below that section is the much larger "Happening Now" section, which offered six somewhat neutral-sounding news or fact items: 

Who is Gordon Sondland and Why is He Important to Trump Impeachment Inquiry?

Why Did Alexander Vindman Testify in His U.S. Military Uniform?

Kurt Volker Amends Prior Testimony, Says He Wasn’t Aware Others Saw Investigating Burisma as Equivalent to Investigating Biden

CBS Bails on Vindman Testimony, First Network to Abandon Wall-to-Wall Coverage of Impeachment Hearings

Democratic Presidential Candidates Call on Comcast to Investigate NBC For 'Toxic Culture'

Rachel Maddow Storms to Monday Night Ratings Win Ahead of Impeachment Hearings

CORRECTION: Earlier today, I incorrectly suggested Mediaite "does not routinely report Fox News rating wins." I was shown their Ratings page, which is routinely updated, with an emphasis on the Maddow vs. Hannity battle. 

Maddow narrowly beat Sean Hannity in the overall audience on Tuesday, not a routine result, but liberals are juiced right now. 

We count four articles featuring conservative or White House takes without a critical edge: 

Pence NatSec Advisor Issues Statement After Jennifer Williams Testimony: I Heard 'Nothing Wrong or Improper' on Trump Call

Fox News' Gutfeld: Impeachment Hearings 'A Tremendous Absolute Waste of Time... It's a Freaking Joke!'

Trump: My Medical Checkup Was 'Routine,' It's The Media That's 'Sick'

Sen. John Kennedy, in Hearing: Christmas Ornaments, Drywall, and Jeffrey Epstein Don't 'Hang Themselves'

The rest is more of what Mediaiate carried at the top, which matches their anti-Trump T-shirt in their online Store. It's ten more liberal-pleasers. The overwhelming tilt isn't "Fake News," it's just "Bad News": 

Dan Abrams: Gordon Sondland is Trump's Enforcer; the 'Michael Cohen of Ukraine'

Chris Cuomo Calls Out 'Pathetic' GOP Hypocrisy on Impeachment Testimony: They 'Pick Apart Inches of Insight… Leave Yards of Truth Untouched'

Dem Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Does Nunes 'Have Any Credibility' After 'Continuing to Embarrass Himself'?

Schiff Tees Off on Republicans in Closing Statement at Hearing: Their Objection Is Trump 'Got Caught'!

Devin Nunes Takes Shots at 'Drug Deal' Impeachment Hearings, Falsely Claims Ratings 'Way Down'

Rex Tillerson Speaks Out Amid Trump Impeachment Hearings: Using U.S. Assets to Get ‘Personal Favors’ Is Wrong

WATCH: Trump Staffer and Former Russia Today Makeup Artist YELLS at Reporters to Get Out of Cabinet Meeting

‘Reprehensible and Craven’: Attorneys Condemn House GOP Lawyer for Questioning Loyalty of Purple Heart Recipient

ABC's Jon Karl: 'Extraordinary' to See the WH Twitter Account 'Actually Attacked Vindman' When He Still Works There

Vindman Smacks Down Trump's Debunked Ukraine Conspiracy Theory: 'Russian Narrative' Pushed By Putin

Then, at the bottom, they tout an "In Depth" report, another liberal take: 

Remember When Mark Levin Despised Donald Trump and His 'Sleazeball' Supporters?

If we ran a headline calling Dan Abrams a "slicked-back sperm sample," he might find us to be less than a trusted "news" source.

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