Hannity Enjoys Playing Secret Tapes Exposing CNN's Tilt, Talks to CNN Whistleblower

October 15th, 2019 3:51 PM

Sean Hannity had great fun with the first batch of Project Veritas tapes exposing CNN on Monday night. He mocked "Humpty Dumpty" Brian Stelter and said he should be working on a book on his own network, instead of Fox. The first package of clips had some unsurprising takes that haven't been secret -- like CNN boss Jeff Zucker railing against "Fox News conspiracy nonsense" ruining America.

But there were a few eyebrow-raisers, like Zucker saying "I just want to say on the Lindsey Graham front, I know that there's a lot of people at CNN who are friendly with Lindsey Graham. Time to knock that off. And it's time to call him out."

CNN's Mike Brevna talked about CNN in the hours after it was clear Hillary Clinton had lost. "As I started walking towards this person, as I got closer, I could hear her sobbing. And I never really wanted to look at who it was and to this day, I don't even really know who it was, because they were down like this, and they were sobbing and they went into 'A' control room. It was like I was at a funeral...People were like, in shock. I wouldn't say they were in the mourning. I would say people were in shock."

Hannity was able to interview Cary Poarch, who worked with Veritas to record clips as a contractor with CNN.

POARCH: I started in June of 2017 just like any other wide eyed just wishful thinking coming into you know speak truth of power, be part of the fourth estate and as the title said within the first few months I noticed that it was completely different than what I originally thought and expected.

I mean I came there thinking this was my dream job and it very quickly descended into a nightmare that gave me trouble sleeping every night because it contradicted what I originally thought news should be.

HANNITY: And I think it's important, I mean your dream job. That's sad. I mean you think you've got - have your goals in life and I find that part tough. You're not a conservative. You voted for Bernie in the primary. You voted for Gary Johnson in the 2016 election. You didn't particularly like Trump which is fine. I mean I have plenty of friends that disagree with me politically. And but this issue that they say, they are news. You say, there are not.

POARCH: That's in my honest opinion, yes Sean. My whole thing was even from the beginning like I'm not trying to hurt anybody or take a network down. I just want the biases to be upfront. So, for instance if I were to watch like an MSNBC, I know I'm getting kind of a Left leaning perspective, if I watch Fox. I know I'm getting a Right lenient perspective.

Same thing with Reason TV. I get my libertarian perspective but for someone to report that they are straight up down the middle facts first, the most trusted name in news like the CNN of old, I saw many, many things every day to the contrary and I spent the first basically two years of my employment there basically fighting what I originally thought. I mean I came there as a staunch person on the Left for in today's terms probably the Far Left and what I saw I mean I came there. Go ahead, I'm sorry.

HANNITY: No, no. I'm listening. Go ahead.

POARCH: I mean I came there honestly as a registered Democrat. You know Bernie voter, I obviously was a Never Trumper at the time, didn't want to vote for Hillary, so I voted my libertarian roots in the general. And the funny part is my dearest and closest friends around me, I'm actually coming way back to the conservative side and a lot of them ask me how I could even think about being a conservative or conservative leaning.

HANNITY: You're welcome.

POARCH: What's going on in the world today and I tell them.

HANNITY: Welcome to the club.

POARCH: Precisely working at CNN is what caused me to shift back to the center and center right. I thought you might think that's a little funny.