CNN's Jim Acosta Decries America's 'Culture of Viciousness' -- As If He's Blameless?

September 24th, 2019 3:10 PM

Justin Caruso at the Daily Caller brought forward a beautiful example of CNN White House Yeller Jim Acosta sounding like a hypocrite. In a "thought-provoking" conversation at the Hill Center in Washington with liberal radio host Bill Press (a former host of CNN's Crossfire), Acosta decried the country sinking into a "culture of viciousness." As if he's had NOTHING to do with that? 

“The question that I ask all of you is, what are you doing on a daily basis to make sure that we’re passing on to the next generation of our kids and grandkids a better country than the one that we have right now?”

When Acosta showboats for the camera, is that really what's foremost on his mind? 

He bemoaned the fact that Trump called the media the “enemy of the people,” and wondered "which segment of American society is next?" 

Acosta admitted "it is relieving, it is cathartic to lash out at that guy on the TV screen. I mean, I throw my beer cans at the TV screen, too -- when they're empty, from time to time. But I think we also have to take stock of what we’re doing at home, what we’re doing in our communities, what’s happening in our daily lives that is contributing to this culture of just, viciousness. We’ve become a vicious, nasty country. And my concern is, we're tearing this country apart.

No one can expect Acosta to reflect seriously on his own nastiness. In a previous book interview with Publishers Weekly, Acosta proclaimed "I have never witnessed a concerted effort by any news organization to take a stand one way or the other on a political issue, to damage one particular party or help another."

Acosta brought up his immigrant father, noting his father tells him people were kind to him as he grew up in northern Virginia, teaching him English and donating winter coats. 

“Are we still that country anymore? Did John F. Kennedy call immigrants rapists and criminals back then? No. I think we have to take stock of where we are right now and ask ourselves whether or not we’re leaving that better country that, Bill, you say that we’re going to be leaving to our kids and grandkids – whether we’re in fact doing that, or whether that’s just lip service.”

Again, isn't this just lip service? Does anyone expect Kinder, Gentler Acosta? Certainly not before a Democrat returns to the White House.