PBS Anchor Gushes on MSNBC Over Democrat Diversity and Hot New (Radical) Issues

April 8th, 2019 10:33 PM

Amna Nawaz, the primary substitute anchor on the PBS NewsHour, appeared on Monday's Morning Joe to discuss the growing field of Democrat presidential contenders. Mika Brzezinski warned the debate stage is "gonna have to be 500 yards long," and you wonder "if the field just gets watered down" with this many candidates. 

Nawaz gushed about how the "incredibly diverse" field of Democrats" is raising exciting new issues -- racial reparations, "Medicare for all," the Electoral College, and "voter suppression." 


AMNA NAWAZ: One of the things that has been so exciting to watch in this incredibly crowded, incredibly diverse field of candidates is the kinds of issues that are rising to the national level of conversation that haven’t been part of presidential campaign conversations before. You know, the bread and butter issues are always going to be the same – health care and the economy and national security – they’re always going to have to stake out those positions there.

But we’re also having conversations about things like reparations and Medicare for all and the electoral college. You know, if Stacey Abrams chooses to get in, so much her career has been bringing in disenfranchised voters and talking about voter suppression and how to find it. So there’s all these different parts of what make us who we are as a country and that matter in different ways to a lot of voters and those could be the kind of things that cause a candidate to be able to separate from the pack and to rise to the top in a way that they haven’t in previous campaigns.

When she was at ABC in 2018, Nawaz gushed over Stacey Abrams in an hour-long interview, touting her "impressive" credentials, and laughing at her jokes about how she was good at being the minority in the state legislature.