MSNBC Host Quotes R&B Song to Note Dems Losing Their Love and Devotion to Mueller

March 30th, 2019 10:48 PM

In his weekly "Wacky M.O.L.E." video, MRCTV's Eric Scheiner asserted this "may be the best clip I've seen all year." On MSNBC's The Beat with Ari Melber on Wednesday, the eponymous host weirdly cited a 1996 R&B love song by the late singer Aaliyah -- because it was titled "Four Page Letter," just like the Attorney General's letter to Congress on the Mueller report.

ARI MELBER: The bottom line is we are now seeing a few days into the workweek that a four-page letter isn't going to cut it for Congress to make an informed judgment about what the president did. And so we're seeing lawmakers and Jerrold Nadler here pushing on this tonight.

And it makes you think of something that the R&B star Aaliyah once sang about. You may recall her song about a four-page letter that she wrote to get out her feelings. She needed the letter to express herself. Four pages only.

But this is a lot bigger than just someone's feelings, even someone as important as the attorney general. This is ultimately about facts. Congress will need more than the four pages, at least that is what we're hearing from some of the Democratic leaders.

You may remember Aaliyah said, this was all about what she was going through and her father told her, "Be careful who you choose to love." Well, the Democrats still trying to be careful, thinking about whether they put too much love or faith in the Mueller investigation. But they won't know any of that, they're saying, until they get the results, the evidence from the Mueller investigation.

That's enough Aaliyah. Let's get to our experts.


Aaliyah died in a plane crash in 2001 at the tender age of 22. Her song had absolutely nothing to do with falling for a prosecutor who was supposed to find impeachable offenses and proclaim the Republican president an agent of a foreign power. It went like this: 

My mama always told me to "be careful who I love"
And Daddy always told me, "make sure he's right"
I always had my eyes on this one particular guy
I was too shy, so I decided to write.

I'm sending him a four-page letter, and I enclosed it with a kiss...

So wait: Melber didn't even get the lyrics right. It's the mother, not the father who says be careful who you love. Melber even worked his way back to another Aaliyah reference to William Barr: 

MAYA WILEY: Right. And that's my point which is very very different from -- this goes back to your Barr -- Attorney Barr question is this is why we can't just have a filter of Attorney General Barr.

MELBER: The Aaliyah filter.

WILEY: The Aaliyah filter.