Conservative Twitter Dunks on CNN Reporter's Shutdown Double Standard

Twitchy is offering kudos to tweeter Rob Province for putting two tweets by CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza side by side to demonstrate a dramatic double standard in hot takes on the shutdown. First, Cillizza on Pelosi: 


His article began: "Sometimes the best power moves in politics are conveyed in the most mundane language."

Then came Cillizza on President Trump's letter announcing Pelosi couldn't take a trip abroad: 


Cillizza proclaimed: "Trump, of course, has made a political career of doing just this -- smashing through normal behavior, acting impulsively and impetuously, taking his ball and going home when he doesn't get exactly what he wants."

He also tweeted: "It speaks to where we are, that when I saw Trump's letter to Pelosi kicking around Twitter, I assumed it was a fake."

Twitchy replayed a tweet by Nate Weiland:

This same impartial purveyor of truth just got done telling us that Pelosi's cancelling the State of the Union due to phony security concerns stunt was a "Power Move"....but Trump's stunt was "the low road"?? Do you see now why everyone thinks you are simply a DNC hack?

And by Brad Bravo: 

You are such a partisan parody of an actual journalist it’s actually becoming sad to watch. Pelosi made a “major power move” Trump is “taking the low road.” Honestly you’d be easier to respect if you just owned up to your liberal bias.

This is funnier to everyone because of a memorable 2016 tweet from Cillizza: 

Rob Province summarized it succinctly: "CNN is a joke."

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