Fox's Gutfeld Blasts Joan Walsh for Mocking Melania's Media-Bias 'Pity Party' on Hannity

On Don Lemon's show CNN Tonight on Wednesday, liberal analyst Joan Walsh slammed First Lady Melania Trump for "whining" in a Sean Hannity interview about how the media mangles history on this presidency.

JOAN WALSH: She continues to whine about a situation that she's part of, and it's a great honor to be first lady. And I'm sure privately, you're allowed to grouse, but you know, if Michelle Obama had done half the complaining that she has done in her -- in her limited interviews -- She doesn't do many -- she'd be skewered.I mean, there's just like a constant sort of pity party when she gets in front of a microphone.

At least Republican CNN analyst Rob Astorino shot back: "She didn't need to complain, the media loved her," and then Lemon mysteriously babbled about "You don't remember when people talked about her sleeveless dress?...When she was first lady, she realized it was a high honor to be first lady."

Lemon poured sugar all over the Obamas. Here's two Lemon drops from just the last few years: 

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Earlier in the hour, Susan Glasser sounded the same alarm: 

SUSAN GLASSER: I was really struck by her comment. First of all, she has this incredible air of aggrievement. Here is this extraordinary story of a woman who came to this country as an immigrant, as a model and is now the first lady of the United States and, you know, you would think in her rare public appearances, you know, that some terrible wrong has been done to her in this country.

I've always been surprised by that air of grievance that she carries very publicly with her, but I was struck by this comment that she just made about history and the idea that the history of the Trump presidency and of their family is being miswritten. 

On Fox's The Five on Thursday, Greg Gutfeld lit into Walsh when asked if Melania could be doing a better job: 

GREG GUTFELD: You know what? The people meanest to the first lady happen to be women. Have you noticed that?

DANA PERINO: Always, yes.

GUTFELD: Joan Walsh. It's very interesting that feminists are all about leaning in -- #MeToo, you go, girl -- until you disagree with them. And then they're -- they're as chauvinistic and sexist as the next guy.

PERINO: It's not that they -- they don't even disagree with her. They just don't like her husband.

GUTFELD: Yes, it's called Trump hate spillover. It hits everybody that's in his circle. Because she's kept a lower profile than Amelia Earhart. Let's face it. She's not out there, but they go after her.And I said this before. Imagine if your spouse ran for president in a foreign country and won; and now I became the first lady, you became the first lady. It's a job you didn't really sign up for. That's what happened to her.

[HT: Cortney O'Brien at Townhall]

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