'No Bull, No Spin'? ABC Promo Claims They Offer 'Give It to Me Straight' News

December 3rd, 2018 7:58 PM

 In the era of Donald Trump, when the media cannot restrain themselves from denouncing the president with the most emotional contempt, it’s absolutely puzzling that a national news network would think that taking this position was a “No Spin” stance. 

But there, at the end of Sunday’s This Week – you know, the show With George Stephanopoulos – was an ad touting ABC as the place for “give it to me straight” news!



ANNOUNCER: We all need someone who’ll pull no punches, and give it to us straight – no bull, no spin.

Now imagine getting your news like that – just give it to me straight.

ABC News. Straight forward. 

CNN could probably sue for stealing their sloganeering. Back in the Obama years, CNN had a program hosted by Campbell Brown titled No Bias, No Bull.  That was also a ridiculous bucket of bull, when they routinely aired liberal segments, like slashing Rush Limbaugh because he suggested he wasn't rooting for Obama's agenda because "Why would I want socialism to succeed?"

Perhaps this should be followed by a factual rebuttal: just a few seconds of then-ABC reporter Bill Weir suggesting "even the seagulls must have been awed by the blanket of humanity" at Barack Obama's inauguration in 2009, and then did it again at the second inauguration, asking Obama fans  "History is keeping you warm, right?"

In February 2017, our Scott Whitlock reported CBS also went on the defensive with a little promo that touted themselves as "REAL NEWS," which is a little bit funny from the Dan Rather Fake Documents Channel. 

Liberals seem to have a tragic lack of self-awareness. Or to them, "give it to me straight" is code for "the truth has a liberal bias, so when we sound the liberal alarm, we are heroically truth-telling, with no spin, no bull." This is NOT what most viewers think "no spin" means.