MSNBC & CNN Commentators Add Star Power to Congressional Black Caucus Conference

September 14th, 2018 8:00 AM

MSNBC host Joy Reid and CNN commentators Angela Rye and Symone Sanders are adding their TV star power to the Congressional Black Caucus and their annual legislative conference in the nation's capital. “Every single day in 2018, we’re experiencing the trauma of powerful people in institutions working diligently to demolish civil rights protections, diminish the advancements we’ve made as a people, and destroy our collective ability to achieve purpose,” CNN political commentator Angela Rye announced in a promotional video.

The honorary co-chairs of this conference are Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, who just "distinguished" themselves by "bringing the heat" in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. There was a panel discussion on "Impeachment: A Necessary Remedy for Bigotry in Policy."

On Friday, there's a panel on "Black Journalists: Reporting Our Experiences in the Age of Trump." It had this promotional copy: 

Are Black Journalists Canaries in the Coal Mine? With the 2016 election of Donald John Trump, 45 has ushered in a new wave of attacks on the 4th estate. These assaults have continued, almost daily, throughout his time in the Oval Office. It is the responsibility of our Black Journalists to report our truth and the impact 45's policies have on Black Americans as well as minorities and immigrants. In this session, we will discuss why we must continue to protect our Freedom of Speech and our Freedom of the Press. After all, a free press is critical to the health and survival of our democracy.

For younger people, they used to send canaries in the coal mine as a warning. If the canaries died, the air was unsafe for miners. Hence, the "Black Americans" are the dehumanized birds. 

AP "race writer" Jesse Holland is also attending as an "award-winning journalist and author of Black Panther: Who Is The Black Panther."

Symone Sanders also made a promotional video for the event: 

Joy Reid was posting Instagram pictures from the event.

Media-company funders of this leftist hootenanny include Amazon, the AMC Networks, AT&T (the new owners of CNN), Comcast NBC Universal, Facebook, and Google, as well as the National Association of Broadcasters.