Trump's Racist for Calling Don Lemon Dumb? 36 Whites Hit with Same Kind of Insult

August 13th, 2018 11:07 AM

Remember the charge that President Trump mocking Don Lemon and Maxine Waters as dummies was painted as racist? The other day, MRC analyst Nick Fondacaro e-mailed me a New York Times listing of all of Trump's Twitter insults, which clearly demonstrated that Trump is very generous in the "dummy" insults -- including "low IQ," "not bright," "dopey," and "clueless." (I skipped "lightweight," which could just mean not good at fighting.)

I counted 36 Caucasian Americans on this list (last updated by the liberal paper on July 10): 

Matt Bai, Paul Begala, Joe Biden, David Brooks, Frank Bruni, Jim Comey, S.E. Cupp, Robert DeNiro, Maureen Dowd, Erick Erickson, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Mary Katharine Ham, Arianna Huffington, Brit Hume, Cheri Jacobus, Gov. John Kasich, Megyn Kelly, Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, Charles Lane, Rich Lowry... 

John McCain, Joe McQuaid, Tim O'Brien, Clare O'Connor (she quotes hers in her Twitter bio), Rand Paul, Cokie Roberts, Karl Rove, Tony Schwartz, Stuart Stevens, Chris Stirewalt, John Sununu, Marc Thiessen, Scott Walker, George Will, and Rick Wilson. 

A liberal college friend of mine admitted I had a point: "Your point that he insults everyone on Twitter is bizarrely a valid argument. The fact that the president of the United States has insulted 487 people (and counting) on Twitter is beyond comprehension. This is the president of the United States we’re talking about!"

We also have a press corps that is addicted to Trump's Twitter feed, so it shouldn't be so difficult for journalists to check to see if Trump's insults spare the pale pundits.