Joy Behar: Trump Can't Tell the Difference 'Between Criticism and Racism'

On Thursday's edition of The View, they discussed a tweet from President Trump complaining that Disney CEO Bob Iger never called to apologize to him for all the negative coverage ABC has given him, even though Iger called former top Obama White House aide Valerie Jarrett to apologize that she was called an "ape" by ABC star Roseanne Barr. 

JOY BEHAR: He says he wants an apology for all the horrible things that were said about him on this network. But he doesn’t seem to know the difference between criticism and racism. People criticize the president. That is the job of the media: to criticize. We criticized President Clinton. I was merciless to him and Monica Lewinsky for years. Bush got criticized on this show.That’s a job of the president to accept the criticism like a man.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: And learn from it.

BEHAR: And learn from it. it's different than racism, as you will be schooling me on in a second, I'm sure [looking to Sunny Hostin]. No, really. I need to hear it, too, like every white person out there. 

Take it like a man? Doesn't that sound sexist? Or is that how Hillary would have had to take criticism? She hasn't exactly taken losing the election "like a man." 

Iger could have called Trump and apologized for Joy Behar suggesting he acted like an orangutan with the prime minister of France. But as we've said, that's just everyday viciousness, and not a racist trope.

When liberals say "the job of the media" is to criticize, they mean Republican presidents. Barack Obama had a far easier time on The View. Hillary Clinton had an easy time on The View. Most citizens want reporters that report, and not editorialize like they are always the smartest people in the room.  

Hostin had her own speech to give: “If he is looking for an apology, I would like him to apologize for what he said about Haiti…I would like him to apologize for the lackluster, despicable response for Puerto Rico that led to the deaths of over 4,500 people. I would like him to apologize that he threw toilet paper and paper towels out to the people of Puerto Rico when they were suffering. I want those apologies, and I think until he leads by example, he doesn’t deserve apologies.”

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