Ridiculous: Nasty Whoopi Goldberg Says We Should ‘Never Disparage Each Other’

Monday's edition of The View carried a segment promoting Sen. John McCain's new book and an HBO documentary For Whom the Bell Tolls. Once again, Whoopi Goldberg tried to pose as a guardian of decency, posing against "disparaging each other," when she asked McCain ten years ago if she had to be afraid of slavery coming back if he were elected.

The segment also avoided HBO's history of McCain films (doesn't anyone remember the McCain/Palin-trashing Game Change flick?) Check this out:

MEGHAN McCAIN: I'm just not scared of death the way I once was because I know now he is going to be waiting for me on the other side, and he has taught me what life is really about. He always has, but the last year in particular and he is so brave. And coming together as a country and not delving into this crap that we're at right now, of divisiveness and not being able to speak to the other side, and we have no decency, and death jokes are acceptable, and you never apologize, that is not the McCain way, and it will never be.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: That's not how we roll as Americans. That's not how we roll, and that's why Americans are so angry that this is -- that this seems to be the precipice we're on, but I think there is too many of us saying, oh, hell no. Oh, hell no. We can disagree, but we can never disparage each other that way.

We can disagree, but we can never suggest we want to enslave one another? Let's hope she apologized to McCain on that day for that bizarre slavery smear. 

HBO's Game Change movie made heroes out of McCain advisors Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace for recognizing the horror that was Palin. Their McCain (played by Ed Harris) told Palin "You are one of the leaders of the party now. Don't let yourself get co-opted by Limbaugh and the other extremists. They'll destroy the party if you let them."

When it aired in early 2012 -- perhaps as a way for HBO to intimidate Palin if she decided to run for president -- John McCain denounced it on Fox News Sunday: 

JOHN McCAIN: Of course, I'm not going to watch it. It's based on a book that's completely biased and with unattributed quotes, et cetera. And what I don't understand even in the tough world of politics, why there continues to be such assaults on a good and decent person, Sarah Palin, a fine family person, a person whose nomination energized our campaign. We were in the lead and they continue to disparage and attack her character and her person."

Our favorite fictionalized scene is Julianne Moore's Palin cartoon screaming like a lunatic after the Katie Couric interview  "You ruined me in Alaska!" and throwing her cellphone at a wall: 


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