On 'The View,' Actor Terrence Howard Lectures 'To the Universe, There Are No Borders'

On Monday, The View team fulminated several times about remarks made about immigrants by White House chief of staff John Kelly (and in his defense, Fox News analyst Tomi Lahren). Kelly offended the liberals by stating that many immigrants at America's southern border are "overwhelmingly rural people. In the countries they come from, fourth,- fifth-, sixth-grade educations are kind of the norm."

Whoopi Goldberg said this was "crap," but presented no evidence, just emotion. “The idea [immigrants] come over here and they don’t know anything, and they’re all dragging us down, is crap! Because we all come from immigrants, including you, Tomi Lahren.” Then Sunny Hostin read from a "Resistance genealogist" who claimed Lahren's ancestors were slow to learn English. 

Later in the show, Empire star Terrence Howard brought his best globalist "borders are imposed by men" blather, and then seemed to lapse into discussing how the native Americans fed the European immigrants, like Squanto and the Pilgrims. He implied current Trump policies on immigration enforcement were "ungodly."  

JOY BEHAR: So here's my question for you because we were talking about immigration before on the panel, and I'm a child of Italian-American grandparents and my mother was born here, but my father was born in Italy, and I went to all city schools, got free education pretty much, and I think I'm a good example of immigration. [ A few days ago, Behar complained that Italian-Americans were demeaned on television, and boasted she was one of the rare positive Italian-Americans on TV.]

TERRENCE HOWARD: Yep. [ Applause ]

BEHAR: What about you?

HOWARD: Well, my parents, I'm 62 percent west African, 37 percent western European. I'm not sure all the western European that's in me was by choice. But my family, you know, all of America is made up of immigrants. And to the universe, there are no borders. It's just mankind that has placed these borders, and we have to remember the American Indians allowed Europeans to come in and they fed them and they looked after them. Because they were there, so when you take the very kindness that was given to you so you can have life, and you use it to prevent somebody from having life, even separating someone from their children, that is an ungodly, and unconscious act that will reap consequences. [Applause]

How is deporting an illegal immigrant "preventing somebody from having life"? The Left supports abortion on demand, but it's the border enforcers who are "anti-life"? 

The View quickly promoted this lecture on their Twitter page: 

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