Gay MSNBC Guest Defending Joy Reid: Pence 'Would Have Us All In Concentration Camps'

On her MSNBC show AM Joy, Joy Reid lined up her supporters on the radical gay left to change the subject from her anti-gay blog posts from a decade ago to the usual MSNBC hysteria. Brandon Wolf of the Dru Project repeatedly attacked the "homophobic psychopaths" in power and even suggested if he were ever president, Mike Pence would "have us all in concentration camps hoping to pray away the gay."

BRANDON WOLF: I just want to cut through it all and keep it very real with people about what we’re up against. We have homophobic psychopaths running the United States government today. That’s the reality. We have a secretary of state, as was mentioned, that believes that gay people are sinners based on who they are. If Mike Pence, God bless him, ended up in the White House, sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office, he would have us all in concentration camps hoping to pray away the gay! That's what we're actually up against.

Joy Reid replied "Whoa, dial back the concentration-camp paranoia!" I'm kidding. She said "I appreciate you bringing that up." 

Sirius XM "Woke AF" radio host Danielle Moodie-Mills complained "many people in the media are jumping on you about words that you used, you know, used or may have used ten years ago but yet we allow the president to have a complete and total pass on things that are coming out of his mouth right now."

To round out the trio, Zeke Stokes of GLAAD said "I think it's so important that we double down on what Danielle said about the media and how they've jumped on this, because they felt there was some blood in the water, there was going to be infighting, and everybody was going to jump on Joy Reid and bring her down. While that was happening, we got a Secretary of State who believes being gay is a sin." 

This chatter is especially rich coming from GLAAD, which often revels in bringing down celebrities when they've said things GLAAD defines as "homophobic."

[HT Trent Baker at Breitbart]

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