People Quotes Mrs. Stephanopoulos: George 'Has So Much Integrity'

People magazine may have just been plugging the latest comedy book by Ali Wentworth...but their puff piece also served as a promotion for her husband George Stephanopoulos in the days before the big Jim Comey Sunday night book special. “I went through my bad-boy stage before I met him, and the reason I was blown away by him is because he has so much integrity.”

There's a more in-depth endorsement online: 

“I was so blown away when I met him was because he has so much integrity,” she told People. “I went through a bad boy stage before him, and I knew this was a man who wasn’t going to cheat on me, wasn’t going to hit me, or embezzle our money. I’d never be Ruth Madoff.”

The Go Ask Ali: Half-Baked Advice and Free Lemonade author is so confident in her husband’s fidelity that she would “laugh” if he ever tried to claim he cheated on her.

“I’d start hysterically laughing,” she says. “And so would everyone else, because he’s just known as a stand-up dude.”

No one compared this unmistakeably faithful husband with the president he so infamously defended against a multitude of "bimbo eruptions." Stephanopoulos also stands as the only top morning-show male who didn't get taken down by sexual harassment allegations against him: 

A Good Morning America viewer recently stopped the couple on the street and noted that Stephanopoulos appeared to be the “last man standing” on morning TV in light of the sexual misconduct scandals that plagued Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose.

“George just pointed at me and shrugged,” Wentworth recalled to People. “I was like, ‘What does that mean?’ Either it means ‘Yeah well, I’m on a tight leash with this ball-buster,’ or it means, ‘Well why would I cheat, I’m married to this wonderful woman!’

“I’m going to pretend it was the latter,” she added.

Wentworth even joked that he could use a button under his desk that locked his office, but not because he could lock young women inside. He "thought it would be great because he could keep everyone out of his way and just do his work," she said. 

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