Spike Lee in Time: 'Agent Orange' Trump 'Giving a Green Light' to the KKK to Come Out

The November 20 issue of Time offers the usual bucket of liberal "goodies" – a profile of Trump-trashing Gold Star Dad Khizr Khan and his new book, and a glowing review of Pete Souza’s book chronicling his amazing days as White House photographer to the one and only Barack Obama – “born out of scraps of history and hope,” Time said when he won. Oh, and a book excerpt "On Tolerance" from disgraced ex-CBS anchor Dan Rather, who said America still lives in a "purgatory of tolerance -- on race, on LGBTQ rights, on women's equality...We are still largely segregated as a society."

Then there was a spicy “Conversation” with black filmmakers Spike Lee and Dee Rees to celebrate their new work featured on Netflix. It wouldn’t be long before talk of Amerikkka and racism.

Lee has a new miniseries version of his first film from 1986, She's Gotta Have It. Rees broke out in 2011 with a film called Pariah, a "semi-autobiographical" film about a black teen lesbian coming out as gay in New York City, and her new film is Mudbound, about a black family and a white family living on the “same slice of Mississippi farmland in the 1940s. So naturally Time asked about the Trump era:

TIME: Mudbound features a powerful scene involving the KKK, and this is 70 years ago. Here we are in 2017, and to many Americans, the Klan feels as visible as it’s been in a long time. [As if the liberal media would forget to report on it?]

DEE REES: I grew up in 1980s Nashville, next to a Klan member. My dad would tell me, “So-and-so’s a Grand Dragon.” He was a cop, and that was the only thing we think made them leave us alone. They would have a Confederate flag as their curtain. Our next-door neighbor was a Klan member. I would play with their granddaughter. She could come to my house and play on my swing set, but I was never allowed to go to her house and play on her swing set. I was called “nigger.”

Racism never disappeared for me. It’s not this surprising new thing. At Sundance, I overheard some guy saying, “The movie’s good. The Klan scene was over the top, though.” I think now, post-Charlottesville, he’ll say, “The Klan scene’s not over the top.”

Time featured the bolded sentences above, because somehow we didn't know racism never disappears. This ginned up Spike to go after Trump as "Agent Orange," which for youngsters who may not know, was used as a defoliant in Vietnam....which later gave Vietnam veterans cancer, leukemia, and other disorders. 

SPIKE LEE: Plus, with Agent Orange in office, he’s giving the green light to a lot of these motherf-ckers, the wink-wink, “Come on out now, it’s cool.” Trying to equate the alt-right Nazis and KKK with the other group. It’s not the same.

REES: We voted him in. What does it say about us as a country? We voted for it. We went for it.

LEE: The people in my show live in the world today. They live in a world where the murderers of Eric Garner are still walking. Where Agent Orange has the motherf-cking nuclear code. That’s the world we live in. People are woke.

Maybe they should just change the name of Time...to Woke magazine.

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